Air Conditioning Servicing

Air Conditioning was once only a feature of prestige vehicles, these days over 80% of cars have it fitted as standard.

It uses the same principle to operate as your kitchen fridge and just like your fridge, if you switch it off for months on end the refridgerant gas goes flat, accumulates moisture and the system fails.

Most motorists in the UK do just that and come the summer months we switch the air-con on and out comes warm air.

Air conditioning is not just a gimmick to keep you cool, it is a means of keeping your vehicle free from unwanted pollutants and annoying condensation during all seasons. As such it is recommended to have it serviced due to the natural loss of refridgerant through the seals and pipes etc. In fact manufactures estimate a 15% loss each year!

This loss will affect every componant and can lead to poor fuel economy and excess moisture in the system leading to expensive failure.

Here at R S Autos we can service your vehicle, while you wait, at a price of £70 including the VAT. Just call us or pop in to make your appointment. Don't leave it to the summer, get it serviced today!